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How to Childproof Wallpaper in Your Kid's Bedroom

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You probably expected to change the wallpaper in your child's bedroom a few times over the years. Children will want different colours and designs as they get older.

However, you might not have anticipated having to change wallpaper too soon. You might not have realised the effects a young child can have on this paper.

If your child's walls now look grubby, damaged or worn, then you should find ways to make your next wallpaper more resilient so that it lasts longer. Read on to learn more.

Look for Washable Wallpapers

The wallpaper in a child's bedroom can suffer from some surface damage. A toddler might go through a stage of drawing on their walls to express their creativity. Grubby fingers will leave marks on the paper.

If your wallpaper isn't washable, then you can't do much about this damage. If you try to wash off artwork or fingerprints, then you're more likely to damage the paper itself than clean it.

So, look for washable wallpapers this time. Some of these papers can be wiped with a damp cloth; others are scrubbable. In either case, you'll find it easier to remove marks, spills, and drawings.

Find Stronger Wallpapers

Children can accidentally tear regular wallpapers. For example, if a child runs a toy over a wall with some force, then the paper might tear. The problem is that some kids will make these tears worse. They'll pick at the broken area and start to peel off more paper.

Some wallpapers have more damage resistance. For example, vinyl wallpapers are typically stronger and less likely to tear even if your child uses them as an extra playing surface.

Consider Using Decorator's Varnish

Sometimes, you want to hang wallpaper in your child's bedroom because you, or they, simply love the design. However, this doesn't mean that the paper will be resilient enough to last long in this room.

You might be able to extend the life of a less child-friendly paper by coating it with decorator's varnish after you install it. These varnishes give wallpapers an extra layer of protection. They can make a paper washable and stronger.

However, you should take your decorator's advice here. The wrong varnish could discolour the paper or make its colours bleed. The wrong product might not add the resilience you need.

For fast and effective wallpaper replacement, contact local decorators. An experienced decorator can also give you advice on which type of wallpaper is the best option for your child's bedroom.

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