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Two Tips To Consider Before Painting A Child's Bedroom

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There is something about the return of warm weather during spring which encourages homeowners to get busy tackling their list of home chores. As a first-time homeowner who wants to engage their local interior painting service to refresh the children's bedrooms with a new coat of paint, have you fully considered the ramifications of this decision? Here are two tips you need to know before you make any decisions regarding the painting of a child's bedroom.

Paint Colour Psychology

Not every parent knows that the colour of the paint used in a child's bedroom can affect a child's behaviour. Because of the psychology behind paint colours, there are a couple of paint colours which do and don't work in a bedroom. For example:

  • While red is a colour commonly associated with love, it is also a hue which invokes excitement, which is a behaviour you don't want in your child when you are trying to settle them down to sleep.
  • Pink is commonly associated with kindness, and when it comes to painting, it is a colour which is soothing, so choose a soft, delicate pink rather than a neon one.
  • A soft yellow invokes feelings of warmth as it is a colour associated with the sun, so a muted yellow is a good choice for a room which always feels cold.
  • A soft blue is another great colour choice because it is associated with calmness, so choose this for a child who has high energy levels.

Once you have chosen the colour, then you need to consider the paint type.

Paint Type

There are two main components that you want in the paint used in a child's room. These components are washability and low volatile organic compounds (VOC). Washability is important because children's hands are often sticky or dirty. Therefore, you want to be able to wipe away marks off the wall with minimal effort.

VOC relates to the chemicals in the paint that contributes to its smell. Have you ever noticed the new paint smell lingers when a room is freshly painted? This smell can be harmful to young lungs, so ask your interior painting service to use paint which has a low VOC factor. Most paint manufacturers disclose if their paint has a low VOC, and that means you have fewer concerns about the damaging odour of the chemicals in it.

Now is the perfect time to get your child's bedroom painted, so have a chat with your painting service about colour and paint type so you can finalise your bedroom updating plans.