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Themes You Can Consider for Your Office's Colour Scheme

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Although most homeowners will take the time to pick out the perfect colour scheme for their home, not many think that their offices should be given the same consideration. Instead, whites tend to be the most popular colour scheme for commercial spaces because some people tend to think that an office needs to appear sterile and pristine. But this is an incorrect assumption. Your employees spend the majority of their day at the office. And if you want to keep their productivity up, you need to incorporate colours that will stimulate their senses. You should note that the colour scheme you choose will have an effect on the mood of your staff. If you are deliberating on hiring commercial repainting services, here are a few themes you could consider for your office's colour scheme.

A soothing colour scheme

If your business focuses on putting clients at ease, for example, if you are a therapist, then you should consider a soothing colour scheme when repainting the premises. Soothing colour palettes are characterised by exuding a sense of cosiness in the room, so they tend to be warm. Instead of choosing traditional warm colours, consider contemporary hues such as butter yellow to add a sense of modernity to the space.

A versatile colour scheme

If you do not want to experiment with bold colours, you could consider a versatile colour scheme for your office. This colour palette is characterised by neural colours that will create a calm ambience in the space. Nonetheless, neutral palettes do not mean a focus on white only. Instead, explore colours with a subtle hue such as baby blues and vibrant creams that will add a touch of softness to your office space. On the other hand, if you want to create a formal feeling in the space, consider hues of grey that are neither as sharp as black nor as traditional as white. Greys, moreover, can be matched with pops of other colours because they create an excellent backdrop for other hues.

A dramatic colour scheme

When your business requires its employees to have high energy throughout the day, then you need to choose a vibrant colour scheme to keep your employees stimulated during office hours. However, vibrant colour schemes are not limited to bold reds. If you have a prestigious brand and want your offices to reflect this, you could choose to repaint the office in forest greens that reflects the esteemed nature of your company. Accent walls are perfect for such a setting since they add a touch of drama to the space.

Consult the repainting professionals and see what colour scheme they think could be good for your business.