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The Various Benefits of Water Paints

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A touch of paint can go a long way in setting the right mood in your workspace as well as accentuating the outside beauty of your commercial premises. But any paint job is only as good as the painter, and that explains why you should hire an expert to get the job done. These days, there's a host of commercial painting contractors out there ready to assist you with your painting needs, be it for a new office or a remodelling project for an existing office. There are two major paint types that can be selected for your painting project: water-based paints and oil-based paints. Here are some reasons why you should consider zeroing in on water-based paints.

Dries quickly

One of the most notable advantages of water-based paints is that they dry much faster than oil paints, allowing for the application of multiple coats within a relatively shorter period. The oils used in solvent-based paints do not evaporate the way water does. Instead, the oils will oxidise, thus causing the paints to take more time drying up because oxidation is a much slower process than evaporation. That said, water paints make an ideal choice if you need to finish your painting job within a shorter period of time.

Outstandingly durable

Even though oil-based paints are generally more long-lasting than the water-based options, improvements in paint technology have made it possible to make modern water-based paints more durable than ever before. The modern, superior quality acrylic emulsions sold on the market as an alternative to solvent-based paints, for example, can offer excellent longevity. So, from a performance perspective, you can rest assured that water-based paints can offer almost the same level of wear-resistance as their oil-based counterparts over time.

Safe and eco-friendly

Given that water is a non-toxic, non-noxious thinner, water-based paints are definitely a safe choice for humans as well as the environment. The only chemical elements that will be released into the air as the paint dries are hydrogen and oxygen, which aren't causes for concern. Once all work has been finished, you can be sure the clean-up exercise will be easy, as and there are no hazardous VOC chemicals to be mindful of.

The above points indicate the benefits of opting for water-based paints, but that doesn't mean oil paints are a bad choice. A professional painter should be able to work well with any type of paint.