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Make Sure Your Body Corporate Contractor Understands The Needs Of Your Unit Tenants

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Unlike other properties where a contractor is working for a singular property owner, unit schemes comprise of multiple unit owners, each with their independent needs in regards to any type of work being done, be it construction, repairs or painting.

Due to this diverse composition of tenants in a scheme settlement, any contractor working with a body corporate has to understand the varying needs of its tenants for his or her work experience to be successful:

Understanding the bidding process

Unit schemes operate in a unique way. The body corporate committee is responsible for sanctioning work on behalf of the scheme. Any contractor seeking to offer his or her services must therefore understand how the bidding process in a body corporate works. This refers to the tendering process, pre-qualification and payment modalities as well. A contractor who understands this will make a better fit as they won't try to cut corners or seek to skip vital processes.

Respecting the individuality of every unit tenant

Body corporate contractors also need to understand and respect the individuality of the unit tenants. Although the contracts will be awarded by the body corporate committee, unit tenants are the real clients in such arrangements. That's because the services are being rendered on their behalf.

A contractor needs to understand this and treat every unit tenant as a client. If offering painting services, for example, the contractor needs to assess the different needs of each client as opposed to making blanket decisions for all unit tenants.

 Providing pertinent information about the ongoing works to the tenants

The contractor also needs to keep the unit tenants well-informed about the ongoing works, especially where normal movement or access to services might be interrupted. For example, the contractor should put up posters announcing when planned works will begin in the areas and where they will be carried out. If some roads will be blocked or various areas sealed off, the same should be communicated early for the benefit of the unit tenants. All this goes a long way in avoiding disputes and ensuring convenience for the tenants.

It is due to the above reasons that in most cases, contractors who have undertaken similar works before fair better as they already understand these body corporate needs. If you're planning to carry out maintenance works within your body corporate property, working with contractors who meet the above criteria will ensure unit owners see get the needed satisfaction in rendered services.

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