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Tips from Commercial Painters for a Flawless Paint Job

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Opting to paint your own house is not only tedious but time-consuming too. More often than not homeowners engage in this DIY project then end up with substandard results, which make them lose heart. Not all is lost though. For the most part, there are tips and tricks that commercial painters use to ensure that their work is flawless. If you have your mind set on repainting your own home, here are some handy tips that could make it all worthwhile.

Make use of a putty knife

When embarking on a paint job, most people already know that it is necessary to tape your sockets and baseboards to avoid any seepage of paint. Additionally, the tape helps in giving you clean lines once you have finished the project. However, on some occasions you will find that paint still managed to get under the tape, leaving you with unwanted drops of paint and some streaking. To avoid this, commercial painters recommend using a putty knife when applying the tape. By pressing the knife onto the ends of the tape as you apply it on the surfaces, it makes it adhere better. This gives you better sealing thus preventing any drops of paint from leaking through.

Patch up all holes

Before embarking on your paint project, it is necessary to patch up all holes that may be present on your walls. Carefully inspect the areas you are going to paint for cracks, crevices, nail holes and more. Once you have distinguished them, you can choose to use either spackling or putty to fill up these crevices. Let the compound completely dry then proceed to smooth the area with fine sandpaper for an even finish. Once all the holes have been patched up and dried, you can proceed to priming the walls for your paint job.

Always prime your walls

With most amateur paint jobs, you will find that the overall colour is not uniform. Some areas may be darker while others brighter yet you used the same shade of paint. The reason for this is lack of a primer. When it comes to selecting a primer, most homeowners may opt for regular white primer. However if you would like to achieve the results of commercial painters, choose a tinted primer as this will make your paint job appear more vibrant.

Mix all your paint

Lastly, when embarking on your paint job, do not use the paint one can at a time. This is because although they may be the same shade, different factors may make the tone of the paint vary from one can to another. For a uniform colour, mix all the paint you intend to use to create one consistent shade.

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