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Importance of Hiring a House Painter for a Gradient Accent Wall

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Whether you are looking to brighten your living space, add symmetry to it or simply update its appearance, you could be deliberating on painting a focal wall. Focal walls not only add visual interest but they draw the eye to a specific part of the room that you would like to highlight, making them an affordable interior design element to incorporate into your home. But rather than stick to traditional accent walls that are painted a solid colour, you should consider choosing a gradient wall.

Also known as the ombre effect, these types of focal walls are moodier than their solid colour counterparts are, so they tend to be more dramatic. However, do not let the light to dark transition fool you into thinking that they can be easily recreated by an amateur. The reality is that while gradient accent walls appear to be deceptively easy to paint, this project should be left to an experienced house painter. Read on to learn the importance of hiring a house painter for a gradient accent wall.

A house painter will help you select the best colours for the ombre accent wall

Selecting a colour scheme for your gradient focal wall is not solely about going with your favourite hues. Instead, it is a delicate process since the colours that will be chosen have to be mixed in separate batches to create a shade that is cohesive from the darkest part of the wall to the lightest. Keeping that in mind, you must leave this step to the professionals.

Certainly, the house painter will require your input, as the gradient wall should complement the pre-existing colour scheme of your interiors. Nonetheless, depending on how dramatic you want the ombre effect to be, the house painter will need to determine if an exclusively analogous colour scheme will be suited to your needs or if they should leave out one or more hues to create a conspicuous transition throughout the gradient.

A house painter will establish the flow of the gradient focal wall

The flow of the ombre focal wall will not only affect its visual interest. Rather, it also will affect the overall feel of the room, as it can create the illusion of your space being larger or cosier, depending on your preferred goal. Hence, it is essential to have a house painter handle this process since they will interpret your vision.

As an example, if you want the focal wall to make the room appear more spacious than it is, the house painter will create the ombre effect by transitioning from the lightest hues at the bottom to the darkest ones at the top, creating the illusion of high ceilings. Take note, gradient transitions are not limited to a vertical flow as the house painter can divide the wall horizontally too.

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