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Answers to Your Questions About Car Park Line Marking

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Proper line markings in your car park are more convenient for your customers as well as safer for anyone using the lot. Knowing the basics of the line marking process is a must for any business owner.

How Often Should Lines Be Painted?

The frequency of painting depends on several factors. New lines must be marked on newly installed or recently sealcoated parking lots. The lines should also be painted if the old markings have become faded due to age and traffic. In a car park with heavy traffic or extreme weather exposure, annual painting may be necessary. Less exposed and lower traffic lots may only require painting every few years. 

Do Marking Services Aid in Traffic Flow?

If traffic flow is an issue in your car park, you can use line marking to alter the flow. Many marking services will help you plan your lot for best traffic flow ahead of marking. This may include changing the direction of the parking lanes or adding directional arrows to the paving during line marking. If council approval is necessary for lot layout alterations, the marking service may also help you navigate this process. 

Are There Requirements for Line Marking?

There will be some requirements when it comes to line marking. Car park space sizes, the amount of disability spaces and their location, and the location of pedestrian walkways may be regulated. The brightness and reflectivity of the car park markings may also have certain requirements that must be met for safety and visibility reasons. Your marking service can help ensure that everything is done correctly.

What Type of Paint Is Used for Marking?

The best option is a reflective paint, as this ensures that the car park lines are easily visible after dark and in inclement weather. You may also be given the choice of a standard oil paint or a thermoplastic paint. In this case, the thermoplastic paint is a much more durable option that is both long-lasting and fade-resistant.

How Long Does the Process Take?

If the only task needed is line marking, the process can typically be completed in less than a day and the lot is ready for use almost immediately after the completion of the work. In the event that the lot is being sealcoated prior to marking, then plan to have the car park closed for two to three days so that the entire process can be completed. 

Contact a car park line marking service if you have further questions.